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Past Events

Christ's Love Changes Lives

cj stroud.jpg

CJ Stroud

Artesia, NM April 2024

2024 Offensive Rookie of the Year

2 Time Heisman Trophy Finalist

Artesia, NM April 2023

To provide encouragement to stand for God -Determination to never give up in sport, life, and spiritual life

-Forgive those things which hold us captive


Artesia, NM 2022

Tim with his love and passion for people he brought a powerful message to our community. When Tim ask if anyone would care to stand to their feet and receive Jesus as their personal savior many people stood and made their confession to Christ.

Mike Weaver

Harvest Fellowship, Artesia, NM April 2021

Listen to Mike and Mark's podcast and 

message of Forgiveness & Hope!

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