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Remembering Ashleah

Ashleah and Kasandra


Ahsleah and her sister Kasandra share their joy and excitement on

Kas's wedding day.

Ashleah Dancing

California 2007

Ashleah competed in a dance competition for B-95 RADIO IN CALIFORNIA 2007

Ashleah's Family

Ashleah's family shares about their love for Ashleah and their memories of the day their lives changed forever.

Zeke Montoya

Ashleah's cousin sings a song he

wrote for Ashleah after her death.

Gabriel Montoya

"When I See Your Face"

Ashleah's first cousin, Gabriel Montoya, wrote and recorded this song for her the day she passed away. He wrote this song in less then 10 min and it means so much to us. At the end of the song he writes, "Ashleah, you will not be another number". This was my promise to her the day we laid her to rest. I asked to be alone with Ashleah at the church, I wanted to be the last person to see her beautiful face because I was the first one to see it when she was born. I leaned over and spoke into her ear, Ashleah daddy will make you two promises. First, I will always take care of your mom, and second - I promise...

You Will Not Be Another Number!

I kissed her on her lips and closed the casket. 

This promise is our driving force to keep her memory alive and our conviction to reach the people that need know the truth of Gods love and forgiveness! Ashleah will not be another number! 

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