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Board Members

Mark & Lorraine Richards

M & L .jpeg

Mark & Lorraine Richards, oversee the day-to-day operations of a powerful life changing foundation that has changed the hearts of thousands. Mark is an innovative businessman that has reached top levels in his career as a Health, Safety and Environmental specialist. Mark and Lorraine are independent entrepreneur and co-directors of a flourishing nonprofit organization company "My Ashleah" formed in 2009 after their daughter Ashleah Richards was hit and killed by a drunk driver outside Lubbock Texas. Their innovated passion for bringing the truth to all walks of life has made them highly marketed speakers to our young generation. Happily married for over 38 years and two other children they have walked a very hard journey. They are a true testament to what it means to hold on to the promise.

Micah & Kassandra Howard

Micah - Kass Pic.heic

Micah and Kasandra Howard are the brother-in-law and sister of Ashleah Richards. Happy married for 17 years they have stood the test of the spirt through some very dark times. Micah and Kasandra are innovative business owners, and both enjoy coaching and spending time with their two beautiful children Demrie and Collin Howard.  Their innovated passion for speaking the truth out of love to thousands of people have been a tremendous asset to bringing true change to this generation. Micah and Kasandra have a strong desire to see true change come to this generation trough loving people and sharing their personal testimonies to point people to Gods amazing and deep love for them.

Kristie Montoya


Kristie Montoya is a State Certified Counselor in the state of New Mexico. She has a B.A. from Western University in Silver City NM, and a master's degree in counseling from the University of Western New Mexico.  Kristie is the happily married mother of four children and twelve grandchildren. She has over 25 years' experience as an educator, school guidance counselor, and clinical therapist interacting with children of all ages in New Mexico. Kristie presently works as a school guidance counselor in Artesia New Mexico. Kristie volunteers her time for a nonprofit foundation "My Ashleah" where she devotes her time in counseling young people on the importance of making right choices and instilling values in their lives.  Kristie also volunteers her professional counseling individually with adults who are experiencing life transitions, grief and loss, psychological or spiritual problems, or who wish to improve their marriages, parenting, and life skills.

Bishop Kevin Bartley


Currently the senior pastor at the Binger Oklahoma Church of God as well, Kevin has lead people as a pastor for over thirty years and has a passion for young people. Kevin has counseled individually with adults who are experiencing life transitions, grief and loss, psychological or spiritual problems, or who wish to improve their marriages, parenting, and life skills. He has chaired in lead roles in directing with wise counsel in large corporations as well as nonprofits. Kevin is happily married with three children. With his years of experience in leading people Bishop Kevin Bartley is a powerful asset to any team.

Glen Kaiser

Glenn Kaiser.png

Glen is an innovative businessman and strong leader in his career as a business owner. Glen is a independent entrepreneur and co-owner of a thriving company located in Artesia NM. His passion for people and bringing the truth of Gods word to all walks of life has made him a tremendous asset to the Kingdom of God. Happily married to Amy Kaiser for over 25 years and four children they have walked a blessed journey. They are a true testament to Gods amazing love through His son Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ronnie Williams


Ronnie Williams is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Harvest Fellowship in Artesia NM. Ronnie has served in churches from his youth to now in many capacities, both as a volunteer and later as a paid minister, and he gives much honor to his parents and those men of God who helped grow and mentor him to be the Pastor that he is today. Ronnie is extremely gifted in business and leadership guidance.   

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