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Last night I had the most surreal dream about Ash! I woke up this morning with a big smile and also a few tears because it was just so overwhelming and amazing. She came and saw me! She sat on my bed and she just hugged me and we cried... no words at all we just cried. And I could feel her it was her it was her huge bear hug and the first thing she said to me was "where's my bracelet" and in the middle of tears all I could do was laugh! (I don't wear the bracelet cause its to big so it falls off) so I just pointed to my jewelry box and she said its OK I know you have baby wrists, lol, and she said she brought me one anyways! And it was yellow and black zebra and said My Ashleah and then had Ltd on the other side! (I wish when I woke up it still would have been there.)


She talked to me about that night and I felt selfish because I said "Ash, why didn't you miss him, what happened, why can you still be here and under all those tears I started to feel mad... and she grabbed my shoulders and told me their wasn't enough time... and she started telling me that she wished that day didn't have to be such a horrible memory for her family and friends because (and this part I remember PERFECTLY) she said "I was born again and this time into the most beautiful world you could ever imagine" and I just stared at her in amazement 'cause she had that beautiful smile and all I could think was "wow, that's my Ashleah."


Before she left she didn't hug me she just squeezed my hand and said your baby is beautiful by the way! And then my heart melted! She is seeing my sweet baby before he/she gets to me and I am so blessed ! I am still in shock because I usually can never remember a dream but this one is just to amazing and to real to not remember!

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