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Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver to make a surprise visit to our beautiful city in 2024!

Kevin Sorbo.jpg

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo, played the lead role on the ground-breaking “Hercules” TV series, speaks from the heart to audiences around the world. As the titular star of the number one TV show in the world for seven years and the victim of three strokes during that time, he carries a gravitas to his audiences on the topics he’s passionate about: health and perseverance, honesty and overcoming, and pro-life. After his prolonged recovery and another hugely successful TV series (Andromeda), the best-seller author of True Strength spent the next few decades smashing box-office records in movies like God’s Not Dead, Soul Surfer, Let There Be Light, and Left Behind.  Sorbo's clients have now declared him their best choice for record-breaking fund-raising events, because he takes their messages and artfully weaves them into compelling, personal story-telling, bringing audiences to their feet in enthusiasm

Kevin will be visiting Artesia NM April 4th, 5th and 6th for a My Ashleah Golf Fund raiser. 

Film Production In Progress

 Ashleah's story has touched and changed many lives, and with the vision of Grateful Films Inc in association with LT Dream Pictures and the dedication of an incredible team, "Dreaming of Ashleah" will begin production in the upcoming months.  Mark and Lorraine will continue their promise to Ashleah-"You will not be another number."

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