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About Ashleah

Ashleah was a vibrant person, full of life. She loved people and showed God's amazing love through her acts of kindness. She would pray for people no matter where she was. Ever since she was a little girl at the age of 4, she would pray for people and tell strangers about her amazing God. Ashleah was also a hard working athlete, she skipped her 8th grade year to have a chance to play varsity ball with her sister Kassandra. She won two state championships with her sister, and an additional two afterwards for a total of four state titles. She was an honor roll student that always took the high road in life.


She loved sunflowers and roses. She loved the 90's hip hop music. Selena, J-Lo, Shakira, Ja Rule (always the edited versions) and on the exactly opposite end her favorite group was Third Day and her favorite song sung by Jeremy Camp "Overcome". I have a memory burned in my spirit of watching Ashleah at worship one Sunday with that song playing and her beautiful hands was raised and tears rolling down her face. She loved to dance, draw and obviously loved athletics with 4 State Titles in basketball and volleyball to show for it. At her time of death, she was on a full ride volleyball scholarship to Wayland Baptist

and still holds records there.


We miss her every day!

Ashleah as our baby
Ashleah 47
Ashleah and Mom
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